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St Thomas ofCanterbury

Year 3 and 4 ~ 2023/2024

For updates about what Year 3/4 have been learning recently, please refer to Seesaw. If you have any problems with your Seesaw log in, please speak to a member of the Key Stage 2 Team.


Kidnapped by slave traders at the age of seven, St Josephine was given the name: Bakhita, which means "lucky".  As a girl, Bakhita would look up at the moon and stars, resolving to serve their Master. Later in life, she devoted herself to promoting Catholic missions to Africa.  She died in 1947 in Italy.

Josephine Bakhita's life is remarkable, and presents us with spiritual lessons, namely her profound trust in God, despite living in a hopeless situation.

 "If I was to meet those slave raiders that abducted me and those who tortured me, I'd kneel down to them to kiss their hands, because, if it had not have been for them, I would not have become a Christian and religious woman."                              Sister Josephine Bakhita

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