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Praying at Home

Praying at Home-A Guide for Families

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When we pray together, we recognise God's promise that His presence is with us.  He brings us healing and offers us forgiveness.  We remember Christ's words: “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” (Matthew 18:20)

Across their time in our Catholic school, children are helped to pray in a variety of ways and are provided with many different experiences of liturgy and worship in the classroom and throughout the school day.

As part of our commitment to the ongoing spiritual development of our pupils we have also been looking at ways of supporting parents and carers to continue this within the home. Our class prayer books can be used to write family prayer intentions (either by an adult or child) or capture other prayer opportunities from home. Please find below, a  list of prayers that will be taught throughout the school and a ‘Creative Ways of Praying’ document that can be easily followed at home to create a moment of family prayer within the busy lives that we all lead.

To support our youngest children with their experience of prayer and reflection in an age-appropriate way, we have also introduced a very special Prayer Bag containing our Prayer Bear! 


Prayer Progression

We have developed a clear prayer progression so that each class is clear on the prayers to be learnt. 

Early Years

Make the sign of the cross
Morning prayer
Lunch prayer
End of the day prayer
Greeting the Gospel (Alleluia)
First few lines of Hail Mary

Year 1/2

As above plus:

Hail Mary
Our Father
Spontaneous Prayer
Responses at Mass (And with your Spirit. Peace be with you. Thanks be to God)
Prayers at Mass (Lord have mercy)

Year 3/4

As above plus:

The Glory Be
Angel of God
Act of Sorrow
Act of Contrition
The Apostles Creed
Eternal Rest
Prayers at Mass (Lamb of God)

Year 5/6

As above plus:

Hail Holy Queen
The Nicene Creed
Prayer of St Francis
Prayers at Mass (Gloria)
The Magnificat
Come Holy Spirit

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