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St Thomas ofCanterbury

Our Prayers

Dear God,
Please help all of the children around the world, also adults who have the coronavirus. Help them fight for their lives.  Help people to remember God will help them through tough times.      Amen

We pray for all the victims of the floods in England.  We also pray for all the people who have been diagnosed with cancer.       

There are four corners around my bed.
There are four angels around my head.
Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.
God bless this this bed that I lay on.
Thank you for sending us the Holy Spirit ;
Please help the poor, the sick and the homeless.

Thank you for all my friends because they are kind and funny. It’s fun to have a friend, but not when you don’t have any.
Please look after those who need friendship and help them to know that they always have a friend in you.

Dear God,
Please help the people in our Parish. Please help everyone and thank you for our lives. 

St Thomas of

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Ware, SG11 1RZ

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