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Leave of Absence

The Government has introuduced an amendment to “The Education Pupil Registration in England” which came into force from the 1st September 2013.

The most significant change is that the amendments make it quite clear that Head Teachers may not grant leave of absence for holidays unless there are exceptional reasons and the Head Teacher should determine the number of days for which leave is granted.  All references to ten days and extended holiday leave have been removed from the document.

From September 2013 any parent who wishes to discuss the possibility of having time off school, such as booking a holiday, must first complete the Authorisation for absence during term time.   I will then contact them to discuss the request in more detail.  Please be aware that these changes to the regulations mean that in almost all cases it will no longer be possible to authorise the absence.  Unauthorised absence may result in a fine or legal action.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

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