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St Thomas ofCanterbury

Governor Attendance at Meetings

Local Governing Board: Academic Year 2021 /2022

Name 28/09/21 23/11/21 18/01/22 15/03/22 17/05/22 21/06/22
Dr Mary Lennon -  Chair  (Foundation) P          
Mr Jerry Walsh - Vice Chair (Foundation) P          
Mrs Michelle Keating (Head) P          
Mr Andrew Booth (Staff) P          
Mrs Jenny Giles  (Foundation) P          
Mrs Maria Hatley (Parent) P          
Mrs Jenny Hesketh (Foundation) P          
Dr Breda Jackson (Foundation) P          
Mr Tony Walker (Foundation) A          
Mrs Wendy Sellers (Clerk) P          

Finance and Premises Committee: Academic Year 2021/2022

Name 20/09/21 09/11/21 11/01/22 08/03/22 10/05/22 05/07/22
Mrs Jenny Hesketh (Chair) P          
Mrs Michelle Keating (Head) P          
Dr Breda Jackson P          
Mr Jerry Walsh P          
Mr Anthony Walker P          
Mr Andrew Booth P          


Full Governing Board: Academic Year 2020/2021

Name 10/11/20 02/03/21 11/05/21 08/06/21
Booth, Mr Andrew P P P P
Clark, Mrs Wendy P P P P
Collery, Mr Shane P P P P
Giles, Mrs Jenny - P A P
Hatley, Mrs Maria A P P P
Hesketh, Mrs Jenny P P P P
Jackson, Dr Breda P P P P
Keating, Mrs Michelle P P P P
King, Mr Vincent A P A P
Lennon, Dr Mary P P P P
Walker, Mr Anthony P P P P
Walsh, Mr Jerry P P P P
Mrs Wendy Sellers (Clerk) P P P P


St Thomas of

High St, Puckeridge,
Ware, SG11 1RZ

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