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St Thomas ofCanterbury

Aims and Values

Mission Statement:

“Learn, Love and Respect through Jesus.”

School Vision and Values:

St Thomas of Canterbury School provides a secure, happy and respectful learning environment.  Our vision and values are at the core of everything we do.  We aim for each individual to reach their academic, social and emotional potential and we work tirelessly to ensure that British Values are promoted, so that our children go forward as respectful, tolerant young people.

Staff at St Thomas of Canterbury School support pupils spiritually and morally, and help them to make effective choices.  This is evident through our policies, procedures, behaviour and actions.

We are a catholic school, but we welcome and embrace children and staff of different faiths or no faith.  We believe people choose to work here, and parents choose to send their children here, because we have a reputation of not only academic excellence but of being a school who cares for all pupils, staff and parents/carers. 

We provide a rich and diverse, broad and balanced curriculum.  This gives our pupils the opportunity to explore their creative talents, sporting potential and appreciation of music, providing them with a deep understanding of the world in which we live.  We are very proud to have an outstanding Forest School provision, which is utilised by every child during the academic year.

Our school works closely with parents, governors, the parish and community to build a bright future for our children.  We give our pupils a voice and build their self-esteem, helping them to become confident and emotionally resilient individuals.

We care, pray for, respect and love one another.

(Section 48 R.E Inspection quotes - November 2017):

“Pupils are very enthusiastic in their learning and demonstrate excellent understanding of religious literacy in both spoken and written form. ”

“Their behaviour is outstanding both in lessons and around the school. Pupils are friendly, confident, articulate ambassadors for the school.”

“The Catholic life of the school is outstanding, characterised by a distinctive warmth and sense of welcome.”

St Thomas of

High St, Puckeridge,
Ware, SG11 1RZ

08:50 - 15:15

01920 821450